Monday, January 5, 2009

Customer Surveys

As everyone knows collecting information on your customers is crucial to your business success! You have to be able to know certain specifics on your website visitors: likes, dislikes, habits, demographic info, etc

What you do with that information and how you present it is extremely valuable in marketing your business. It can and does make the difference between securing that new advertising campaign and not!

Periodically I will run a survey on Single Rose or Kennedale News to get the populations current pulse. I'm running a survey on Kennedale News right now, because the City is trying to establish exactly where most people in the community are getting their information.

The point of this post is to share a free, easy, survey site with all of you. It's free to a certain point but if you need more than 10 questions or need more than 100 responses, you have to upgrade. The first level is $15 per month. That level will allow you, I think up to 500 responses. They provide you with real time reporting stats, which I love. The site is Question Pro. Question Pro also offers Micro Polls, which are one question surveys you can embedded into your website.

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