Sunday, January 4, 2009

Single Mother Sentiments

This video is about my first book, Single Mother Sentiments: Real Life Reflections from Divorced, Widowed and Never Married Mothers, and the Single Rose Angels Assistance Program. The book is available on Single Rose.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram said, "It's a humble book, but in its own way says as much about the struggling single-mom experience as any sophisticated sociology study could."


  1. Tammy,

    I love your blog and really love your video! You are a very inspiring person! I found you on the B-who-U-R network and followed the link here. And I'm very glad I did! I'm now following you!

  2. Hi Stephanie. Thank you very much. Texas Cable News came out and filmed that around my house.
    I'm so new to this blogging stuff, I have to remember to actually look for comments...